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Increase your profitability and resilience

I work with ambitious companies that continuously improve what they offer and how they serve their clients.

  • High-value, innovative products & services, both B-2-C and B-2-B, e.g. IT/tech, medical/healthcare, clean energy
  • High-touch services e.g. hospitality, visitor attractions
  • Professional services: law, insurance, accountants

Making your customer experience top-notch

My expertise is in designing and delivering consistently outstanding customer experiences that generate customer loyalty.

I can guide you to take stock of your customer experience and develop a customer experience vision. I will work with you and your staff to develop a pragmatic and impactful action plan for sustainable success.

My book “The Most Rewarding Way to Improve Profitability — How to create excellent customer experiences” helps you on your journey.

Feedback from participants of a Customer Experience Excellence workshop for law firm Inksters:
"The workshop made you think about refreshing everything! I look at everything differently although I am 100% customer focused."
"It made me think about the client’s perspective and how things look from the other side."
"It helped me focus on what we do well and what could be improved collectively."
"Everyone was motivated and a doable collective action plan to work towards was created."
"I was able to list individual changes. I will implement them on Monday."

Read the testimonial from Inksters Law firm on the Inksters web site on how they benefited

"I found Catherine's insight when we were developing our Customer Experience Director job description very concise and helpful. The standard of candidate we attracted was very high."
Greg Whyte, Partner Jones Whyte

Sharpening your strategy

Do you want to develop a strategy that meets your customers’ needs better than the competition? I can help you.

You will benefit from my extensive experience in strategy development and my analytical mindset.

I will work with you and your teams to develop or refresh your strategy – using a targeted approach that enthuses and creates momentum.

Four people sitting on one side of a Board meeting table Book an exploratory call

Improving/restoring business relationships

I can help you develop better relationships or resolve business-to-business issues or friction between business partners/founders.

My focus is on helping people (re)discover shared business interests and develop creative win-win solutions to challenging issues.

By facilitating solution-focused discussions I help you restore or improve relationships with suppliers, clients, partners or co-founders. I can help with, for example:

  • Friction in business relationships
  • Disagreements about payments
  • Disagreements about work commissioned/carried out

My combination of expertise is unique in the UK:

Facilitating good working relationships:

  • Qualified and accredited by the Centre for Good Relations and by Strathclyde University (Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation & Conflict Resolution)
  • Highly experienced in facilitating productive collaborative working relationships/partnership working
  • Experienced in business-related conflict resolution

Business experience:

  • Business and strategy experience gained in the private sector
  • Business degree (MBA) from Strathclyde University

A solid technical background:

  • Experience in a range of domains – from medical software to energy (Doosan Babcock)
  • Degree and PhD in Engineering/Physics

"I can see the top of the hills again"
Business owner after I facilitated a satisfactory resolution to a business-to-business dispute

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