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Make your client experience top-notch

  • Generate positive word-of-mouth
  • Stand out from the competition

Client satisfaction scores hide many client experience issues

Client experience goes far beyond client interaction

My approach

  • Deep-dive into all factors of the client experience
  • Systematic, whole-firm approach
  • Making change manageable

My expertise is in designing and delivering consistently outstanding customer experiences that generate customer loyalty.

I can guide you to take stock of your customer experience and develop a customer experience vision. I will work with you and your staff to develop a pragmatic and impactful action plan for sustainable success.

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Feedback from participants of a Customer Experience Excellence workshop for law firm Inksters:
"The workshop made you think about refreshing everything! I look at everything differently although I am 100% customer focused."
"It made me think about the client’s perspective and how things look from the other side."
"It helped me focus on what we do well and what could be improved collectively."
"Everyone was motivated and a doable collective action plan to work towards was created."
"I was able to list individual changes. I will implement them on Monday."

Read the testimonial from Inksters Law firm on the Inksters web site on how they benefited

"I found Catherine's insight when we were developing our Customer Experience Director job description very concise and helpful. The standard of candidate we attracted was very high."
Greg Whyte, Partner Jones Whyte

Change that works

  • Addressing root causes
  • Engaging staff
  • Making change manageable & impactful

My services

Assessing your Client Experience

Helping you develop your vision of success

Designing an action plan & managing change

About – Catherine Brys, PhD MBA

Catherine helps firms become more profitable through excellent client experiences. She is the author of “The Most Rewarding Way to Improve Profitability — How to create excellent customer experiences”. She is a member of the Consumer Law sub-committee of The Law Society of Scotland. Read full bio

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